Low water pressure

Low water pressure problems can be a real headache for the homeowner.  These water pressure problems usually stem from a few common issues found in waterlines.  Usually found in older waterlines, these waterline leaks are caused by pinholes found in both galvanized and copper pipes.

Galvanized pipe covered in pinholes caused this homeowner all sorts of problems stemming from low water pressure.
Pinholes in this water pipe caused the homeowner grief until the waterline was replaced. Replaced utilizing trenchless technology for fast and economical service.

Pinhole leaks

Pinhole leaks can happen in the basement or crawlspace as well as underground.  Obviously, these leaks are easier to spot if they are in your basement and not buried underground. 

Low water pressure can happen when you have leaks in the water pipes, but can also happen when the incoming water service is galvanized pipe and is clogging shut.  This can happen when the interior walls of the water pipe flake off and collect.  Although not a surefire indicator, sometimes these flakes can be seen coming out of your sink or tub faucets.

How Will I Know If My Water Pipes Are Leaking?

There are a couple of ways to tell if you have water leaks in your incoming water service.  One of the ways to tell if you have water pipe leaks is the ever increasing usage of water as dictated by your water bill.  The other way to tell if your waterline has leaks is by noticing pooling of water or wet areas in your yard.  This is a tell-tale sign that your water service has major issues. 

Trenchless Technology Offers Fast and Affordable Repairs

With today’s modern trenchless technology, waterline repairs are more economical and quicker than the traditional digging of trenches.

Brand new waterline installed for busy homeowners. This line was installed using a 'pulling' technique of trenchless no-dig repair.
New waterline installed for busy homeowner using a ‘pulling’ technique of trenchless repair. Notice the blue wire wrapped around the poly pipe? That is for locating the new waterline so it is not accidentally hit by other’s digging in the vicinity. Very Important!

Trenchless technology allows the ‘pulling’ of waterpipes instead of digging holes all over the place.  The process is quite simple:  The old waterpipe is pulled out of place, while at the same time the new waterline is dragged into the place of the old. 

Faster than traditional trench digging leads to labor and cost savings for the homeowner.